The Thrive Approach

Thrive is a therapeutic approach to help support children and young people with their emotional and social development.

The Thrive approach offers practical strategies and techniques and is built around online assessments that identify children’s emotional development and provides action plans for their individual needs.

Research has shown that how we behave is linked to how we feel and our emotions are linked to how we learn. By teaching children to recognise and notice these feelings and emotions it can help with their development and learning.

Children sometimes need some extra support with their emotional growth and this can be temporary or over a longer period.

Thrive promotes their emotional and social growth by building positive relationships between a child and their peers and helps them explore and understand their feelings through various activities.

With a licensed Thrive Practitioner in our team, we are able to assess Stockton CYPIOC when required and provide action plans and activities.

More information can be found on the Thrive Approach website or by contacting the Virtual School.