2020-21 Primary Hub

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation which had disrupted the Spring and Summer 2020 events for both Primary and Secondary, it was decided that Virtual School would hold Primary Online Hub Events for the academic year 2020-21.

The focus this year was Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies, chosen specifically due to the impact of the pandemic on well-being and ongoing restrictions which affected clubs and sporting activities.

Autumn 2020 - Worry Boxes

The Autumn session involved the pupils in making a worry box. Pupils were asked to think about positive thoughts to decorate the outside and then were asked to write any worries they had on cards to place inside. 

Worry Boxes      Worry Box


Spring 2021 - Well-being Calendar

The session involved the pupils making a well-being calendar.  This involved creating a background, using templates given to set up a 30-day calendar and then using some suggested activities or creating their own activity for each day that focussed on keeping their minds and bodies healthy such as, not eating sweets for one day, going for a bike ride, completing a random act of kindness.

Wellbeing Calendar










Summer 2021 - Thank You Cards

The session involved the pupils in making Thank You cards as it is well known that being grateful and being thankful is good for our well-being.

Thank You Cards    Thank You Card